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US-2016013736-A1: Converter system patent, US-2015215017-A1: Method and apparatus for cancelling interference patent, US-2015352931-A1: Door stop patent, US-2015328855-A1: Method and device for sealing gas in a gas compartment-equipped bag patent, US-2017234597-A1: Extremely fast freezing, low-temperature blast freezer patent, US-2015315934-A1: Device for overcoming play patent, US-2016353315-A1: VoLTE Quality of Service Enhancement with Preconditions patent, US-3724740-A: Assembling device patent, US-3847255-A: Bridge connector for phase conductor of current collecting system patent, US-3534413-A: Swimming exerciser having water jets patent, US-3896337-A: Electronic flash apparatus patent, US-3838248-A: Temperature control device for thermostatic oven patent, US-3855797-A: Hydraulic master cylinder patent, US-2015325540-A1: Plug via formation by patterned plating and polishing patent, US-2015329237-A1: Folder storage with reference apparatus patent, US-2015352426-A1: Batting Cage Device patent, US-2015361179-A1: Compositions comprising rank/rankl antagonists and related compounds for treating pain patent, US-2015366722-A1: Absorbent article patent, US-2016032598-A1: Board/tile spacer and associated package assembly patent, US-2016096991-A1: Phosphor, production method for same, light-emitting device, image display device, pigment, and ultraviolet absorber patent, US-2016101459-A1: Methods for Joining More Than Two Panels Together and Assemblies Formed by the Methods patent, US-2016105187-A1: Fll oscillator/clock with an fll control loop including a switched capacitor resistive divider patent, US-2016126654-A1: Connector patent, US-2016225297-A1: System Of Peripheral Advertisements About A Display patent, US-2016232520-A9: Apparatus and method for a payment processing system for securing bankcard data patent, US-2016233872-A1: Method and Apparatus for Excess Loop Delay Compensation in Continuous-Time Sigma-Delta Analog-to-Digital Converters patent, US-2016305239-A1: Downhole monitoring of fluids using nuclear magnetic resonance patent, US-2016346134-A1: Drape having microstrain inducing projections for treating a wound site patent, US-2016357421-A1: Multiple Device Configuration Application patent, US-2016360902-A1: Improved Order Rack or Order Reel patent, US-2017016311-A1: Downhole gas separator apparatus patent, US-2017018234-A1: Display apparatus and method for driving the same patent, US-2017018774-A1: Metal Cyanometallates patent, US-2017020340-A1: Modular device for introducing edible fluid to food product patent, US-2017024442-A1: Electronic device and method of acquiring user information in electronic device patent, US-2017033089-A1: Light-emitting device and lighting device provided with the same patent, US-2017080189-A1: Guidewire for cannula placement patent, US-2017087035-A1: Disposable diaper with integrated disposal aid patent, US-2017088421-A1: Superdegas- a process of integrating sulfur collection and degassing for zero emission patent, US-2017089020-A1: Milling Machine With Location Indicator System patent, US-2017089419-A1: Dust boot, method of manufacturing dust boot, and shock absorber patent, US-2017096491-A1: Human antibodies to human tnf-like ligand 1a (tl1a) patent, US-2017100969-A1: Run-flat radial tire patent, US-2017128676-A1: Dispensing device with control body in order to axially move a dispensing element patent, US-2017129542-A1: Hood and tractor equipped with hood patent, US-2017144069-A1: Head-mounted display for navigating a virtual environment patent, US-2017160946-A1: Memory device that communicates error correction results to a host patent, US-2017195081-A1: Resource mapping to handle bursty interference patent, US-2017197534-A1: Footrest apparatus patent, US-2017202754-A1: Benefit delivery particle for treating substrates patent, US-2017204839-A1: Apparatus for Generating Energy from a Fluid Flow Induced Movement of a Contacting Surface Structure Relative to an Opening to a Cavity in a Frame patent, US-2017246752-A1: Knife sheath patent, US-2017267239-A1: Vehicle drive system patent, US-2017269480-A1: Method and apparatus for using patterning device topography induced phase patent, US-2017274460-A1: Drill patent, US-2017275672-A1: Chemically modified ligase cofactors, donors and acceptors patent, US-2017281255-A1: Smoke evacuation system for invasive surgical procedures patent, US-2017281809-A1: Anti-nkg2a antibodies and uses thereof patent, US-2017285264-A1: Optical assembly and method for coupling a waveguide array to a photonic-integrated circuit patent, US-2017290304-A1: Comprehensive poultry manure management method patent, US-2017302597-A1: Remote latency adjustment patent, US-2017307460-A1: Correction of pressure measurements in engines patent, US-2017312615-A1: Golf glove patent, US-2017320972-A1: Catalysts patent, US-2017333040-A1: Wide Hemostasis Clip patent, US-2017339317-A1: Image processing apparatus, image forming apparatus, and image processing method which correct tone jump patent, US-2017345883-A1: Organic light-emitting display apparatus patent, US-2017355574-A1: Apparatus, methods, computer program, and collection for generating image data of load stack patent, US-2017362270-A1: Modified oligonucleotides and methods for their synthesis patent, US-3749157-A: Combination air heating and cooling apparatus for limited space installations patent, US-2017363000-A1: Inlet particle separator for a turbine engine patent, US-2017370075-A1: System and method of calculating a payload weight patent, US-2018004226-A1: System and method for managing submaps for controlling autonomous vehicles patent, US-2018004628-A1: Cooperative triggering patent, US-2018006009-A1: Integrated circuit layout and method of configuring the same patent, US-2018018580-A1: Selecting content items using reinforcement learning patent, US-2018030608-A1: Plating having increased thickness and reduced grain size patent, US-3738891-A: Labeling machine with speed adjusting mechanism patent, US-2015210887-A1: Media composition patent, US-2015263265-A1: Magnetic memory device patent, US-2016049289-A1: Apparatus and method of treating surface of semiconductor substrate patent, US-2016165697-A1: Foldable display device patent, US-2016340834-A1: Method for reducing the bulk and increasing the density of a tissue product patent, US-2017137654-A1: Sympathetic printed-matter and method of producing the same patent, US-2017177678-A1: Systems and methods of generating a plurality of data visualizations in a data visualization region patent, US-2017258523-A1: Shock wave balloon catheter with multiple shock wave sources patent, US-2015238723-A1: Inhalator patent, US-2015270143-A1: Handle wafer for high resistivity trap-rich soi patent, US-2015325917-A1: Antenna device and wireless communication terminal patent, US-2015337290-A1: Methods and products for mutating nucleotide sequences patent, US-2016036814-A1: Wireless firmware updates patent, US-2016083451-A1: Methods and systems for zinc delivery using intrinsic factor or haptocorrin patent, US-2016137907-A1: Wellbore servicing materials and methods of making and using same patent, US-2016212758-A1: Dynamic frequency and power resource allocation with granular policy management patent, US-2017040998-A1: Semiconductor device, electronic component, and electronic device patent, US-2017112157-A1: Reactive gas, reactive gas generation system and product treatment using reactive gas patent, US-2017149954-A1: System and method for authorization-based digital messaging patent, US-2016092394-A1: Information processing apparatus, controlling method for information processing apparatus, and storage medium patent, US-2016141182-A1: Slurry compositions and methods of fabricating semiconductor devices using the same patent, US-2016149824-A1: Utilizing access control data structures for sharing computing resources patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, 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