Receiving trough for use with silo utilized in vehicle and unloaded by suction probes, has two connections for connecting suction probes, where trough is arranged at silo for bulk goods i.e. wood pellets



Es wird ein Annahmetrog (1) vorgeschlagen, der Anschlüsse (2) aufweist, durch die pneumatische Entnahmeeinheiten (Saugsonden) verschiedener Hersteller aufnehmbar sind, so dass durch eine klare Definition der Schnittstelle freigegebene Systeme der Kesselhersteller einsetzbar sind.
The trough (1) has two connections (2) for connecting pneumatic unloading units i.e. suction probes. The trough is arranged at a flexible container i.e. silo, for bulk goods i.e. wood pellets. The connections are differently dimensioned by steel plates or silicon plates such that the unloading units are utilized with differently long connection diameters and/or connection supports. The trough is arranged at a rectangular discharge opening of the silo. Receiving pots are provided for the unloading units according to length of the silo.




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