Medical system with X=ray device and therapy device and source of focused acoustic waves

Medizinisches System aufweisend ein Röntgengerät und ein Therapiegerät mit einer Quelle fokussierter akustischer Wellen und Verfahren zum Koppeln des Therapiegerätes mit dem Röntgengerät


The medical system has an X-ray device (1) with an X-ray system adjustable relative to an object (P) and provided with an X-ray source (10) and an X-ray detector (11). It also has a therapy device (2) with a source (14) for generating acoustic waves which run together into a focus (F). The therapy device is releasably coupled to the X-ray device such that the focus (F) of the source, after coupling the therapy device to the X-ray device, lies at least approximately in the beam path of the central beam of an X-ray beam bundle running from the source to the detector. The X-ray system is adjustable relative to the source . Preferably the therapy device (2) has a carrier arm (15) which carries the source which is coupled to the X-ray device. The carrier arm can preferably be removed from the therapy device.




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