Procédé et dispositif pour fermer une ouverture dans un récipient

Method and apparatus for closing an opening in a container

Verfahren und Vorrichtung zum Verschliessen einer Öffnung in einem Behälter


The present invention relates to a method for closing an opening in a container (12) comprising a neck part (13) surrounding the opening (14) and an outer groove or grooves (15) in said neck part (13) extending along the opening (14) on at least two opposite sides thereof, by forming a lid over the opening in the container. Said method comprises covering the opening (14) with a cover (16) extending beyond the opening, forming the cover (16) over the neck part (13) and pressing the cover (16) into the groove or grooves (15) of the neck part (13) and thereby creating a plastic deformation of the cover (16) by means of at least partly inflating at least one flexible inflatable hose (18) so as to form a lid over the opening (14) engaging with said groove or grooves (15). The present invention furthermore relates to an apparatus for closing an opening (14) in a container and to closed containers. The invention may be carried out with pre-shaped covers (16).




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