Système et procédé pour déterminer un fichier de média préféré d'après son emplacement

System und Verfahren zur Bestimmung einer ortsabhängigen bevorzugten Mediendatei

System and method for determining a location-based preferred media file


A system and method for determining a location-based preferred media file includes a position module and a processor communicatively coupled to the position module. The processor configured to execute instructions to determine a current position of the mobile device based at least partially on data from the position module, to request data for a preferred media file associated with the determined current position of the mobile device, and to receive data representative of the preferred media file. The preferred media file can be a video file or an audio file that is selected based upon frequency that the media file has been played within a predetermined distance from the determined current position of the mobile device. The frequency can be based upon the total number of plays of the media file, the number of unique plays of the media file, or from trend data received from an external resource.




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