Halbleiterstruktur und herstellungsverfahren dafür

Semiconductor structure and fabrication method thereof

Structure à semi-conducteurs et son procédé de fabrication


The present invention provides semiconductor structures and fabrication methods thereof. An exemplary fabrication method includes providing a semiconductor substrate; forming a plurality of fins on the semiconductor substrate, each fin having a first sidewall surface and an opposing second sidewall surface; performing an asymmetric oxidation process on the fins to oxidize the first sidewall surfaces of the fins to form a first oxide layer, and to oxidize the second sidewall surfaces of the fins to form a second oxide layer, a thickness of the first oxide layer being different from a thickness of the second oxide layer, and un-oxidized portions of the fins between the first oxide layer and the second oxide layer being configured as channel layers; removing the second oxide layer and a partial thickness of the first oxide layer; and forming a gate structure crossing over the channel layers over the semiconductor substrate.




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